16 – 19 June 2016        Send to printer

Conference organizers

Hanne de Jaegher, University of the Basque Country, Spain
Shaun Gallagher, University of Memphis, United States
Zdravko Radman, Institute of Philosophy, Zagreb, Croatia

Conference description:

The multidisciplinary workshop will deal with anticipatory mental mechanisms - the capacity of cognitive organisms to provide orientation and adaptation in the world for events not yet happening in the senses, and in such a way provide the feeling (as phenomenologists say) of "being always already in the world". Some of the themes that will be put to the forefront of interest: ‘protention’ (Husserl), memory inspired goal-oriented acting, coupling the past and adaptive functioning, anticipatory sense-making, participatory aiming, implicit guesswork, ‘computing’ ahead, brain’s envisaging the future, proactive and predictive cognitive mechanisms, perception as expectation, building of beliefs, probabilistic ‘judgments’, extended present/actuality, acting ‘ahead’, the sense of absence that is likely to happen, etc.

Conference lecturers

Andy Clark , University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Hanne de Jaegher, University of the Basque Country, Spain
Ezequiel di Paolo, University of the Basque Country, Spain
Xavier Escribano, Universitat International de Catalunya , Spain
Thomas Fuchs, University of Heidelberg, Germany
Jakob Hohwy, Monash University, Australia
Ezequiel Morsella, San Francisco State University, United States
Laurie Paul, University of North Carolina, United States
Giovanni Pezzulo, Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies, Italy
Jesse Prinz, City University of New York, Graduate Center, United States
David Rosenthal, City University of New York, United States
Michael Wheeler, University of Sterling, United Kingdom
Viktor Yirsa, Institut de Neurosciences des Systemes, France

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