18 – 19 September 2017        Send to printer

Conference organizers

Kjell Muller Skyllstad, University of Oslo, Norway
Zuzana Jurkova, Charles University Prague, Czech Republic
Shin Nakagawa, Osaka City University, Japan

Conference description:

The conference follows two urban studies conferences at IUC - the 2015 Conference on ''Urban Cultures at the Crossroads'' and the 2016 conference ''Cities at Risk. This time, the attention will be focused on universities as places of knowledge production, civic education, management of social and cultural agendas, and development of new institutions. Interactions between universities and cities and their/other institutions will be also considered.

The conference aims at continuing the cooperation between cities and universities in line with the UN habitat ''Science of Cities'' program and the Partnership with Universities worldwide leading up to adoption of the New Urban Agenda 2016.

Some of the relevant topics are:

  • University as a center for understanding urban complexity;
  • Studying the impact of urbanization on the quality of human life;
  • Fostering active and responsible participatory citizenship;
  • Embracing urban challenges through arts education;
  • University as a hub for social and cultural transformation;
  • Developing academic institutions as models for sustainable societies;
  • ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

    Call for papers:

    Please send the suggested titles with abstracts to the e-mail addresses of conference directors: kmskylls@yahoo.com; zuzana.jurkova@post.cz. (Addresses need to be copied to your e-mail programme.) Deadline is 15 August 2017.

    Work Schedule

    September 18

    9:30 Registration

    10:00 Welcoming, Opening and Greetings

    10:30 Nada Bruer: Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik – opening doors in the academic world

    11:00 Keynote lecture: Shin Nakagawa, Japan: The role of Universities for Urban Community Regeneration

    11:30 Coffee break

    12:00 Zuzana Jurkova, Prague: Dangers and potential for a university as urban social engine; a post-totalitarian experience

    12:30 Cynthia Cohen, USA:The University initiatives in creativity, the arts and social transformation

    13:30 Lunch

    14:30 Cornelia Dragusin, the Netherlands. Urban Research Forum, Bangkok, March 7 -8, 2017 Conference Report

    15:00 Bussakorn Binson (video) and Kjell Skyllstad, Thailand: Open University – Open City. Arts Faculties embracing urban diversity

    15:30 Open Space: University responses to urban challenges in a changed social and political landscape

    16:00 End of day one

    September 19

    9:00 Registration

    9:30 George Owusu ,Ghana: Promoting partnership and collaboration with cities and practitioners in Ghana:The case of the Centre for Urban Management Studies, University of Ghana

    10:00 Dickson Adom, Ghana: Ghanian cultural symbols as wall decorations for cultural revitalization in higher institutions in Ghana. The case of ICNUST

    10:30 Kamolrat Intaratat, Thailand: MOOC: Trendy Media for both Urban and Remote Rural Thailand

    11:00 Coffee break

    11:30 Mohamadreza Shahidipak, Iran: Typology of various institutes, structu, documents of education in Ifriqe in Hafsid period

    12:00 Marie Ingand, Norway: The Arabic contribution to intercultural learning. Forgotten spaces of art and science education ( Ulugbek Madrasah, Samarkand. 600 years1417)

    12:30 Kirsti Grotmol, Norway: Edvard Munch and the Sun. Exploring the wall decorations for the Oslo University Aula.

    13:00 Lunch

    14.00 Cynthia Cohen,Kitche Magak, Mila Premaratna, David Brian, USA: Municipalities and the Prevention of Violence

    Creating a global university based infrastructure for the arts and social conflict transformation, Presentations and panel

    16:00 Coffee + in the IUC courtyard: Muhamed Tufekcic,Bosnia/Norway and Marie Ingand

    Reenacting and reinterpreting urban past through historical


    17:00 End of day two

    September 20-21 (optional) Reviving East-West cultural encounters in the footsteps of Marco Polo. Post-conference excursion to the historical island of Korcula.

    Other details