28 May – 1 June 2018        Send to printer

Conference organizers

Inoslav Bešker, University of Bologna, Italy
Nenad Prelog, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Damir Boras, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Conference description:

The conference and a workshop will explore topic of circular economy and free information and content in media. In the last decade thousands newspapers ceased to be published, much more journalists lost their jobs, and for the (sad) end, today the business of journalist is the worst payed job comparing to other skilled and trained professions. In the same time there are many different approaches in monetising online editions of newspapers and journals. The future of democracy is very much connected to the future of its fourth pillar: freedom of thinking and speech which is best represented in media systems. Circular economy up to now did not have any important impact in world of media and this would be one of the main topic in this year conference.

Other details