11 / Innovation and Social Development

23 – 25 May 2008   print this page

Conference organizers:

Jasminka Lažnjak, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Richard Blandy, University of South Australia, Australia

Zeljka Sporer, University of South Australia, Australia

Jadranka Švarc, Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar, Zagreb, Croatia

Conference description:

The conference works as an inter- and trans-disciplinary workshop. Its focus is generally on the key role of innovation in the knowledge society and its consequences for development at global, regional and local levels. Creation and dissemination of new knowledge, its commercialisation and human capital development have become crucial factors for economic development. Taking into account different models of socioeconomic development through history, a variety of patterns of production, application and commercialisation of knowledge emerge. Our fourth conference will continue to discuss all relevant aspects of this relationship with special emphasis on concept of cognitive capitalism. Contributions dealing with other issues related to innovation and development are welcome as well.The pervasive changes global capitalism has gone through have made some researchers argue it has outgrown a phase of industrial capitalism and entered a new one - cognitive capitalism. Unlike industrial capitalism, where production of knowledge has been subordinated to production of goods, the two spheres have now swapped places and become more interdependent. Cognitive capitalism coincides with the emergence of a 'knowledge-based economy', but is not its synonym. Changing relationship between capital and (division of) labor, financialisation of global economy, demonopolization and socialization of inventions and innovations as well as its influence on technical progress are only some of the spheres where we should seek reflections of this metamorphosis.Some of the questions considered at the conference will include the following:- Is there a (European) alternative to the US model of capitalism or perhaps a convergence? Emerging or submerging economies of "New Europe" -quo vadis?- Innovations for whom? From private benefits and social costs to social benefits and costs? From social productivity to private profits?- How does financial capital articulate and captivate knowledge?- What are the various scenarios of capital-labor relationship and social protection in new capitalism?Selected papers will be published in a book edited by Andrea Fumagalli, Carlo Vercellone and Vladimir Cvijanovi within series Socio-Economic Perspectives in South-Eastern Europe by Peter Lang Publishing Group. The book is planned for autumn 2008.Paper SubmissionJanuary 31, 2008 - deadline for abstractMarch 1, 2008 notification of abstract acceptance Guidelines for Abstracts The abstracts should be sent in word (preferred) or PDF format and should be up to 500 words long.Please make sure they include your name, affiliation(s), as well as postal and e-mail addresses and your phone number. Send your abstract to one of the contact persons listed below. Programme of the Conference Innovation and Social Development / Cognitive capitalism What Are the Conditions for Social Development?Dubrovnik, May 23-25 2008FRIDAY, MAY 23, 2008Session 1Time Name of the speakers Title of the paper/speech10.00 11.00 Jasminka Lanjak Welcome address Matko Metrović Values and capabilities as historical determinanst of social development Andrea Fumagalli Bioeconomics and Valorisation Process11.00 11.30 Coffee breakSession 2 11.30 13.00 Cosma Orsi Knowledge Based Society and the Partner State Carlos Prieto del Campo M@nufactnetting antagonism, subversively reengineering cognitive global labor force, and networking class struggles in the age of the cognitve Nicholas DeMaria Harney Migrant Entrepreneurs, Situated knowledge and Financialization in Naples, Italy13.00 15.00 LunchSession 3 15.00 16.30 Paul Stubbs Trans-national knowledge networks and the 'new project class' in South East Europe: towards an ethnography of reform (introductory speech) Pasquale Tridico Growth, inequality and poverty in Emerging and Transition Economies Natalija Nikolovska and Nadica Jovanovska The Big Trade Off Of The New Europe: Convergence Or Divergence From USA Model Of Capitalism16.30 17.00 Coffee breakSession 4 17.00 18.30 Peter Yeoh Financial Capital and the Knowledge-Based Industries: The Triumphs and Disappointments of Financial Innovation Vladimir Cvijanović, Zoran Aralica and Domagoj Račić Towards a Systemic Approach to Financing Innovations:Theoretical and Empirical Insights Ibolya Vincze Transitional economy developing country, emerging market - definition and experiences of some countries 20.00 Conference dinner SATURDAY, MAY 24Session 1Time Name of the speakers Title of the paper/speech09.30 11.30 Carlo Vercellone and Jean-Marie Monnier Work and social protection in the transition from industrial to cognitive capitalism Andrea Fumagalli and Stefano Lucarelli Cognitive capitalism as a monetary economy of production Daniel mihula Post-informational technology revolution??? Aleksandar Keeljević Challenges of the new millennium and specific properties of knowledge require a new understanding of knowledge11.30 12.00 Coffee breakSession 2 12.00 13.30 Cristina Matos Old-age pension reforms in the EU: Innovation, Dissemination and Europeanization Judit Kaps and Pl Czegldi Technological and Institutional Changes: Post-socialist Frontrunner and Western European Countries Paralleled Annamria Inzelt The involvement of private actors in Hungarian science and innovation policy-making13.30 15.00 LunchSession 3 15.00 16.30 eljka porer TBA Richard Blandy Schumpeter was right: Business innovation depends more on entrepreneurship than on R&D - Evidence from two Australian surveys Erkan Erdil i Cdric Gossart Innovation and Sustainable Devleopment in Turkey16.30 17.00 Coffee breakSession 4 17.00 18.00 Jasminka Lanjak, eljka porer i Jadranka varc Women and innovation projects in Croatia Juraj Perković Social aspects of knowledge society18.00-18.30 Andrea Fumagalli, Carlo Vercellone and Matko Metrović: Conference wrap-up 18.30 Meeting: Cognitive Capitalism Network (for members)SUNDAY, MAY 25Excursion to the island of Koločep (optional)Note: refreshments available at a near-by caf during coffee breaks. Saturday dinner is not included in the conference fee.