8a / First Annual Meeting of the Central and Eastern European Injury Prevention Research Network

12 – 14 May 2008   print this page

Conference organizers:

Sanjin Mavrinac, N/A

Aida Mujkić, Andrija Stampar School of Public Health, Zagreb, Croatia

Corine Peek-Asa, University of Iowa, College of Public Health, United States

Robin Ungar, The University of Iowa, United States

Conference description:

This event will bring together researchers from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Romania and the United States who have been collaborating since 2006 on research projects (funded by the Fogarty International Center of the National Institutes of Health USA) related to the prevention of injury. Examples of projects are: establishment of prevention and surveillance systems for injuries among health care workers; injury and safety promotion for pre-school children; traffic injury prevention; examination of weapon-related deaths to children associated with the homeland war; regional and national capacity self-assessment for injury prevention programs, and piloting a regional injury data base for better understanding of the character and numbers of injuries. The main purpose of the meeting is to bring this group together in order to strengthen the collaborative relationship. The objectives of the meeting will be (1) to review progress in the established projects to determine future steps toward publication and policy development that would enable positive changes; (2) to assess the feasibility of developing future projects, and what those projects might be; (3) and to provide at least one session devoted to a professional development topic.Southeastern Europe Injury and Violence Prevention ConferenceInter‐University Center ‐‐ Dubrovnik, CroatiaFunded by the Fogarty International Center, USAMonday, 12 May8:00‐12:00 Arrival and check in13:00‐14:45 Conference Opening Moderator Aida Mujkic13:00 13:15 Welcome , Conference Co‐Chairs Corinne Peek‐Asa , Aida Mujkic13:15 13:35 Emina Lisic, Representative , Ministry of the InteriorFewer Arms Fewer Victims: Preventing Tragedies13:35 13:55 Vlasta Hrabak‐Zervajic, Croatian National Institute of Public Health13:55 14:15 Corinne Peek‐Asa, Reading of the Conference Declaration14:15 14:45 Introduction of conference participants14:45 15:15 Coffee Break15:15 17:15 Introductory Presentations Moderator Corinne Peek‐Asa15:15 15:45 Corinne Peek‐Asa, The University of Iowa, College of Public HealthIs Your Program Successful? Strategies for Measuring Success15:45 16:00 Questions and Discussion16:00 16:20 Aron Primack, Fogarty International Center, National Institutes of Health,USAICTIRT Program Objectives (by Elluminate)16:20 16:30 Questions and Discussion16:30 17:15 Dinesh Sethi, WHO, EU RegionDevelopments in Injury Prevention in the European Region17:15 17:30 Questions and Discussion18:30 21:30 Evening18:00 20:00 ∼ Dinner On Your Own20:00 22:30 ∼ Meet for sightseeing tour of the old cityCenter for International Ruraland Environmental HealthAndrija tamparSchool of Public Health,School of Medicine, University of ZagrebTuesday, 13 May9:00 11:00 Injury Education Moderator Julije Mestrovic9:00 9:15 Gorka Vuletic‐Mavrinac, and Aida Mujkic, Andrija Stampar School of PublicHealthInjury Prevention and Safety Promotion for Pre‐School Children9:15 9:30 Julije Mestrovic, Jasna Petric, University of Split Medical CollegeEducation of Resuscitation in Elementary Schools9:30 9:45 Almedina Bazdar, Nina Jovanovic, Clinical Center of SarajevoGuidelines for Childrens Safer Hospital Stays9:45 10:00 Dijana Uljarevic, Kristina Safranec, Parents in Action Association (RODA)Safety in a Car Seat10:00 10:15 Tanja Pekez‐Pavlisko, Primary Care Center KutinaITLS Courses in Croatia10:15 10:45 Discussion Setting Priorities: Needs, Research and Policy in InjuryEducation10:45 11:15 Coffee Break11:15 13:00 Road Traffic Safety Moderator Predrag Duric11:15 11:30 Eduard Missoni, Faculty of Transport and Traffic EngineeringBicycle Related Injuries in Croatia11:30 11:45 Razvan Chereches, Center for Health Policy and Public HealthTraffic Injury Prevention in Cluj‐Napoca, Romania11:45 12:00 Zlatko Bockal, Croatian Automobile ClubCroatian Automobile Club Safety Programs12:00 12:15 Zvonimir Lovric, University Hospital DubravaCroatian Trauma Registry‐PilotProject12:15‐12:30 Teodora Beletic, Association ‐ Families of Road Traffic VictimsCivil Society's Contribution to Road Safety12:30 13:00 Discussion Setting Priorities for Road Traffic Safety13:00 14:30 Lunch Mimosa Restaurant group lunch14:30 16:30 Trauma Registries Moderator, Corinne Peek‐Asa14:30 15:15 Nina Zimmermann, International Data Base ProjectEuropean Injury Data Base - an indispensable injury surveillance tool for theEU15:15 15:25 Questions and Discussion15:25 15:40 Predrag Duric, Institute of Public Health of VojvodinaHow to Establish Surveillance of a Neglected Epidemic15:40 15:55 Florin Oprescu, The University of Iowa (by Elluminate)Pilot Project, EU Injury Database15:55 16:10 Svetlana Trtica, Institute of Public Health, BelgradeThe Role of the Healthcare System in Preventing Injuries: Planning aDatabase and Barriers Encountered16:10 16:40 Coffee Break16:40 18:30Trauma Registries: IIModerator Aida Mujkic16:40 16:55 Zvonimir Lovric, University Hospital DubravaCroatian Trauma Registry Pilot Project16:55 17:10 Ismet Gavrankapetranovic, Mehmed Jamakosmanovic, Semin Becirbegovic,Clinical Center of SarajevoThe Injury Register at the Clinical Hospital Sarajevo First Steps17:10 17:25 Veronica Merticariu, Center for Health Policy and Public HealthData Collection by Agencies in Cases of Domestic Violence17:25 18:00 Discussion Setting Priorities for Injury and Trauma Data Bases19:00 21:30 Banquet Dinner Mimosa RestaurantWednesday, 14 May9:00 11:00 South Eastern Europe Injury Prevention NetworkPanel Discussants: Razvan Chereches, Predrag Duric, Aida Mujkic, Ismet Gavrankapetranovic, NinaJovanovic∼ How can an injury network help injury research and prevention?∼ How would it personally assist and affect your work?∼ What structure might this network have?∼ What kinds of activities should be pursued?∼ What are the next steps?11:00 11:30 Coffee Break11:30 12:15 Conference summary and closing