15a / The Fifth Dubrovnik International Conference on the Sanskrit Epics and Puranas

11 – 16 August 2008   print this page

Conference organizers:

Mislav Ježić, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Peter Schreiner, University of Zürich, Switzerland

Gregory Millett Bailey, La Trobe University, Australia

James Fitzgerald, Brown University Providance, Rhode Island, United States

Petteri Koskikallio, IASS Felow, Helsinki, Finland

Renate Söhnen-Thieme, School of Oriental and African Studies, London, United Kingdom

Christophe Vielle, Institut Orientaliste, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

Conference description:

The Fifth Dubrovnik International Conference on the Sanskrit Epics and Puras will continue the tradition of the first four DICSEP conferences: it will offer a survey of the current research in the field of the Sanskrit epics and Puras, it will stimulate the exchange of information, of ideas and of new methods and techniques within a growing group of scholars from all over the world attending this conference. At the same time it will give an opportunity to a group of students, especially from Zagreb University, to attend the lectures of leading researchers in the field and of some young promising scholars. Apart from the general survey of work and from specific topics that will be presented by individual scholars, the common theme of the year 2008 will be "Exchanges between the Sankrit epic and Puric traditions and non-Brahmanical texts and traditions". It will include comparative studies on Brahmanism / Hinduism and Buddhism or Jinism, studies on intertextual relationships between these traditions and their texts, and will offer yet another, less investigated framework for understanding the Sanskrit epics and Puras and their impact on the whole of the Indian culture: literatures, religions and textual traditions. The Fifth DICSEP will certainly stimulate some joint projects among attending scholars, as was the case with previous conferences. The Proceedings will be published in English by the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts and distributed worldwide. The DISCEP conferences became an important stimulus in the international academic community for furthering research in the crucial field of Indian culture that they are dealing with.

Conference lecturers:

Christopher Minkowski, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Horst Brinkhaus, University of Kiel, Germany

John Brockington, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Alf Hiltebeitel, The George Washington University, United States

Przemyslaw Szczurek, University of Wroclaw, Poland

Muneo Tokunaga, Kyoto University, Japan

Yaroslav Vassilkov, Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography, St.Petersburg, Russia