13 / 2ND conference on nuclear and particle physics with CEBAF at Jefferson lab

26 – 31 May 2003   print this page

Conference organizers:

Dubravko Klabučar, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Andrei Afanasev, Jefferson Lab, United States

Lawrence Cardman, Jefferson Lab, United States

Benjamin Crowe, NCCU, Durham, United States

Aleksander Glamazdin, KIPT, Kharkov, Ukraine

Kees DeJager, Jefferson Lab, United States

Dinko Počanić, UV, Charlottesville, United States

Ivan Supek, Ruđer Bošković Institute Zagreb, Croatia

Branislav Vlahovic, NCCU, Durham, United States

Conference description:

N N interaction"121. Liguang Tang (tangl@jlab.org): "Hypernuclear Experiments in Hall C at JLab"122. David Tedeschi (tedeschi@sc.edu): " s-sbar studies - from the phi-thresold to high energies"123. Frederico Tobias (tobias@fis.ita.br): "Light-front model of the nucleon and Qqq systems"124. Daniele Treleani (daniele.treleani@trieste.infn.it): TBA 125. Larry Trueman (trueman@bnl.gov): "Energy dependence of the analyzing power in the CNI Region for hadronic elastic scattering."126. Mark Vanderhaeghen: "Deep Virtual Reactions" 127. Raju Venugopalan (raju@quark.phy.bnl.gov): "Physics with the Electron-Ion Collider"128. Branislav Vlahovic (branko@jlab.org): "Ay puzzle solution"129. Thomas Walcher (walcher@kph.uni-mainz.de): "The Future of MAMI or why low energies are as important as high ones"130. Peter Weilhammer (Peter.Weilhammer@cern.ch): "High Precision Tracking with Silicon Sensors"131. Wolfram Weise (weise@ect.it): "Quark mass dependence of baryon properties and extrapolations from Lattice QCD"132. Bogdan Wojtsekhowski (bogdanw@jlab.org): "A recent results of Real Compton scattering"133. Serguei Yakovlev (yakovlev@minsk.sci.nccu.edu): "Scattering and break-up in few-body systems"134. Ariel R. Zhitnitsky (arz@physics.ubc.ca): "Domain walls, strings and other topological defects in dense quark matter" 135. Beni Zihlmann (zihlmann@mail.desy.de): "Studies of (semi-inclusive) DIS at 12 GeV"