9a / The Hand - An Organ of the Mind:
Pointing, Touching, Grasping, Gesturing, and Beyond

1 – 3 May 2009   print this page

Conference organizers:

Shaun Gallagher, University of Memphis, United States

Zdravko Radman, Institute of Philosophy, Zagreb, Croatia

Conference description:

We do not just contemplate the world, and the way we 'see' it is not a result of an onlooker attitude. Rather than being mere observers of that goes on in the world we are participators in the process which helps mold that what is going to become our reality. In that process, actions of the hand, that mediate between the 'internal' and 'external', are unique and irreplaceable. The conference is an interdisciplinary attempt to provide a more thorough account of the role and impact of the hand - that fascinating organ that does not only enable our physical navigation in the world, but is decisive element of shaping of our minds. Its aim is, among other things, to replace the often abstract 'embodiment' with a variety of performative actions that range from those in charge of 'embeddedness' to those who have significant share in 'enculturement'. The ways of the hand are both motor and symbolic. What do we know about brain-hand relation? How is action related to perception? How the haptic shapes the optic? How emotions motivate the motor? Is it justified to talk about the hand's know-how? Can we conceive of the hand as intentional organ? Can gestures be formative of meanings? In what way is the symbolic space relevant for the workings of the hand? What is specific about the 'aesthetic hand'? - This is but a selection of a wide scope of questions that will be considered, and whose aim is to explore the capacity of the acting hand in shaping of the mental world.

Conference lecturers:

Beatrix Labadi , University of Pecs, Hungary

Lina Diaco, University of Vienna, Austria

Daniel Hutto, University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Andy Clark , University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Arthur Glenberg, University of Michigan, United States

Christopher Peacocke, New York University, United States

Claire Petitmengin , Ecole Studio CREA, Paris, France

Dorothe Legrand, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Evelyn Tribble, University of Otago, New Zealand

Genevieve Calbris, The National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), Paris, France

George Lakoff, University of Southern California, United States

Ivica Kostović, Croatian Institute of Brain Research, Croatia

Manos Tsakiris, University College London, United Kingdom

Marc Jeannerod , CNRS, University of Lyon, France

Matthew Ratcliffe , University of Durham, United Kingdom

Michael Wheeler, University of Sterling, United Kingdom

Richard Shusterman , Florida Atlantic University, United States

Rosalyn Driscoll , N/A

Sean Kelly, Harvard University, United States

Shaun Gallagher, University of Memphis, United States

Susan Stuart, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom

Susanna Schellenberg, Australian National University, Australia

Tim Crane, University College London, United Kingdom