24 – 28 May 2010   print this page

Conference organizers:

Damir Boras, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Nenad Prelog, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Conference description:

Workshop: "E-democracy and Political Communication", 24-26 May 2010

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Organised by the Institute for New Media and Democracy

Supported by the International Political Science Association (IPSA) Research

Committee 10

And in partnership with DEL research network

Call for papers

DEADLINE = 15 March 2010

IPSA's Research Committee 10 on Electronic democracy and the Institute for New Media and EDemocracy in partnership with Electronic Democracy (DEL) research network (http://www.certop.fr/DEL) announce call for papers for the upcoming IPSA Workshop on "E-Democracy and Political Communication" that will be held in Dubrovnik, Inter University Center, Croatia from 24 to 26 May 2010.

The Workshop is a part of the annual Information Technology and Journalism

conference organised by the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb and the

Institute for New Media and E-Democracy.

The Workshop invites papers that focus on the following topics:

· E-campaigning

· On-line deliberation

· Internet and (re)conceptualisation of the public

· Internet and the empowerment of 'citizen-consumer'

· The role of the Internet in political engagement of youth

· The influence of different forms of on-line activism on political cynicism

· On-line and off-line campaigning: towards convergence or takeover?

· Internet and personalisation of politics

· Internet and the idea of civic (public) journalism

· Discussion on four different models of e-democracy: consumerist, plebiscitary, pluralist and participative

Paper proposals should list the author's name, address, university affiliations, telephone, fax, and email, followed by the paper's title and an abstract. All abstracts should be written in English and should not exceed 500 words. All paper proposals should be sent to ivona@edemokracija.hr.

Submission deadline is 15 March 2010. All submissions will be reviewed by the Programme committee and acceptance notifications will be sent until 31

March 2010.

Participants who are not contributors (i.e. who do not propose a paper) can apply through our web site www.edemocracyinstitute.eu. Application for non-contributors starts on 15 February 2010. Please note that the number of non-contributing participants is limited so we encourage you to apply as early as possible. For further information please visit: www.edemocracyinstitute.eu.

Conference Chairs:

Prof. dr. Nenad Prelog (nenad@edemokracija.hr)

Dr. Domagoj Bebi (domagoj@edemokracija.hr)