(Fifth Annual meeting of the Bergen Shakespeare and Drama Network)

11 – 17 October 2010   print this page

Conference organizers:

Stuart Sillars, University of Bergen, Norway

Conference description:

The end of theory and of new-historicism, both much debated in Shakespeare criticism have created conditions for an appraisal of earlier stances – a taking stock of methods from the recent and more distant past in the attempt to find valid ways forward. What does it mean to writer about Shakespeare now? Who are the audiences—beyond ourselves—for whom we wish to write about Shakespeare? What does Shakespeare now mean to Europe, Britain, North America, and beyond? Can there be writing about Shakespeare after, or without, theory, or after and outside historicism? Whose contemporary is Shakespeare in the 21st century? These sre some of the questions that the conference will address.

Work Schedule:

Tuesday 12 October

7.00 pm Opening reception, International University Centre

Wednesday 13 October

Session 1 (10.00 – 12.30) Chair SJS

Shakespeare, Theory, History - Catherine Belsey

Adaptation and Configuration - Sam Myklebost

Session 2 (2.30 – 5.00) Chair SAM

A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Performance - Fernando Cioni

Shaping the playfield: faking, making and performing reality through productions of Shakespeare - Ágnes Matuska

Thursday 14 October

Session 3 (10.00 – 12.30) Chair KC

Not Really Marlowe's Contemporary: Shakespeare, Jonson and ‘the peopled town’ - Roy Eriksen

Contemporising Shakespeare in Can Themba and Bloke Modisane - R. Kavu Ngala

Session 4 (2.30 – 5.00) Chair KB

Friendship on and off the wall: Richard II in Yeats’

‘The Municipal Gallery Re-visited’ - Charles Armstrong

Digital Shakespeare: The Bard on a Virtual Stage - John Wilhelm Vinje

EMCO reception and closing dinner

Friday 15 October

Session 5 (10.00 – 12.30) Chair SJS

Reading Faces in Hamlet - Coppélia Khan

Shakespeare beyond the contemporary - Kent Cartwright

Afternoon free for sightseeing