27 – 29 September 2012   print this page

Conference organizers:

Luc Bauwens, University of Calgary, Canada

Sonja Koščak Kolin, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Vincenzo Naso, University of Roma, La Sapienza, Italy

Noboru Kagawa, National Defence Academy, Japan

Conference description:

The next Conference will be the 15th ISEC. Held every two or three years since its launch in 1982, the ISEC has received worldwide recognition as a major international venue addressing the most topical issues and novelties in the field of Stirling cycle machines.

The Conference brings together academia, industry and interested parties whose shared aim is to make the Stirling Engine an industrial and commercial success.

The ISEC also provides an opportunity for small, medium-sized and large companies to present their activities and projects to the international community.

This year, for the first time, the ISEC will be held in two separate sessions.

  • The first part will be an online Conference, where papers are presented and discussed on a dedicated website from 10th to 22nd September 2012.
  • The second part will be a two-day Conference of plenary meetings held at Dubrovnik’s IUC from 27th to 29th September 2012.
  • Papers submitted to the 15th ISEC will be published in the e-Proceedings of the Conference by "Università di Roma - Sapienza" (ISBN: 978-88-8326-019-3).

    The papers selected for the plenary meetings will be published in "Applied Energy - Elsevier" after a peer review to reward the best research efforts and investigations.


    15 May 2012 Deadline for abstract submission

    25 May 2012 Notification of abstract acceptance

    1 June 2012 Early registration

    20 July 2012 End of speaker registration

    20 July 2012 Deadline for submission of manuscript and final PowerPoint presentation

    20 August 2012 Notification of acceptance of manuscript and presentation

    5 September 2012 End of participant registration

    10-22 September 2012 Online Conference

    27-28 September 2012 Plenary meeting Conference in Dubrovnik


    Registration Fee

    Online Conference € 150,00

    Online Conference and plenary meeting € 350,00

    Registration Payment

    At present, registration fee can be paid by bank transfer only. Payment by credit card will be activated as soon as possible.

    Payment details


    Bank Name: UniCredit Banca di Ancona

    Bank Address: Via Tavernelle, 93/B - 60128, ANCONA

    IBAN*: IT 89 O 02008 02627 000102017181

    BIC (Bank Identifier Code): UNCRITM1Q22

    Message: Registration fee

    *the fifth character of the IBAN code is a letter, not a number


    For registration or any other information, please visit official website of 15th ISEC 2012:


    or contact:

    Prof. Carlo Maria Bartolini (Chair, ISEC 2012)

    Università Telematica Ecampus

    Tel: +39 071 290 5176 Fax: +39 071 960 5109

    E-mail: info@stirlinginternational.org

    MSc. Sonja Koscak Kolin (Chair, ISEC 2012)

    University of Zagreb, Croatia

    Tel: + 385 1 5535 855 Fax: + 385 1 4836 074

    E-mail: sonja.koscak-kolin@rgn.hr

    Conference lecturers:

    Luc Bauwens, University of Calgary, Canada

    Sonja Koščak Kolin, University of Zagreb, Croatia

    Yoshitaka Kato, Fukoshima University, Japan

    Hans Schlebusch, Germany

    Craig Clanachan, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom

    Massimiliano Renzi, University of Bolzano, Italy

    Tomas Steiner, Canada

    Carolina Costa, Centro Stirling, Spain

    Iván Mesomero, Ika Tekmiker, Spain

    Steven Simmonds, United Kingdom

    Igor Barreno, Centro Stirling, Spain

    Pascal Stouffs, France

    Katiuscia Cipri, Saplenza Univerzita di Roma, Italy

    Carlo Maria Bartolini, Italy

    Khamibu Mahkaslov, Morthumbria University, United Kingdom

    Vincenzo Naso, University of Roma, La Sapienza, Italy

    Gerwin Glubbers, Microgen Engine Corporation, Netherlands

    Ian Reynolds, United Kingdom

    Seita Isshiki, Fukoshima University, Japan

    Antonello Binni, University of Roma, La Sapienza, Italy