3 – 6 October 2010   print this page

Conference organizers:

Dino Karabeg, University of Oslo, Norway

Jack Park, Topic Quests Foundation , United States

Conference description:

The division into disciplines has enabled accelerated progress in the sciences. But it has also left us with the challenge of communicating relevant insights across and beyond disciplines, and of mobilizing human and knowledge resources to bear upon increasingly complex contemporary challenges. Similar divisions separate the media informing from academic research, and the world traditions from each other. Knowledge federation is envisioned as a practice, and as an organizing principle for knowledge work, which brings the divided pieces together. The point of departure is the observation that networked media technology encourages completely new patterns of social organization of knowledge production and sharing, and that the benefits of a better organization could be sweeping. Our program includes: * Global Mind Workshop, where we will design and begin among ourselves a knowledge federation that will enable scientists, journalists and other knowledge workers to co-create the insights and impulses that are vital to global society.

* Post-Discipline Workshop, where we will design and begin a federation that enables researchers from distinct disciplines to combine their knowledge and expertise.

* Federated Education Workshop, where we will design a federated course, in which the learning resources are created by experts and students globally, and used by learners worldwide.