Commercialization of knowledge

27 – 29 May 2005   print this page

Conference organizers:

Jasminka Lažnjak, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Richard Blandy, University of South Australia, Australia

Zeljka Sporer, University of South Australia, Australia

Conference description:

Conference will work as inter- and trans-disciplinary workshop of scholars from developed and developing countries, esp. from CEEC. Its focus is generally on the key role of innovation in knowledge society and its consequences for development at global, regional and local levels. Creation and dissemination of new knowledge, its commercialisation and human capital development have become crucial factors for economic development. Taking into account different models of socioeconomic development through history a variety of patterns of application and commercialization of knowledge emerge. One of the important questions is how transition countries can improve innovation production and commercialization of knowledge. There is a correlation between the marketization of economy and society and the innovation production. We will attempt to answer the question of causality can innovation spurs the marketization or is it other way around that without marketization there is no incentive for innovation. Another dimension to be explored is the cultural dimension. Are there any cultural patterns that create obstacles for innovation processes? The crucial point is probably the link between innovation and commercialization. Where the capacity of innovation could exist, the capacity to commercialize it could be missing. The institutional structure, marketization, cultural patterns are all the intervening variables between innovation and commercialization. We could hypothesize different sets of variables influencing innovation and commercialization and try to concentrate on policy relevant variables connected with both processes. Very often the policy orientation is directed toward the production of innovation and it is not recognized that the innovation without commercialization does not contribute to economic growth. The object of analysis should be the full cycle starting from innovation, through commercialization and the total growth effect of these processes. Also, we will try to explore the legacies of different economic and social models of former socialist societies and how its legacies impede (or stimulate) innovation and commercialization. For instance, we can assume that in societies where the institutional and cultural supportive structures enabling innovation existed, they were obviously lacking the commercialization patterns. We will concentrate on import and creation of institutional forms in support of commercialization of innovation and the feed-back lops of these new structures on innovation production.Paper SubmissionsPlease express your interest by sending registration form by March 20. 2005.April 20. 2005. - submission of abstractMay 20. 2005. - submission of complete paperGuidelines for Abstracts in Word (preferred) or PDF format up to 500 words long, contain information about the author (name, institution(s), address (postal, e-mail, telephone)Guidelines for Papers be provided as a Word file include abstract, key words Harvard style references include information about the author in the left-hand corner of the first page Contact PersonsJasminka Lanjak University of Zagreb, Rudarsko-geoloko-naftni fakultet, Pierottijeva 6, 10 000 Zagreb, CroatiaPhone:+385-1-4605-155E-mail: jlaznjak@rgn.hreljka porerUniversity of South Australia, City West Campus, GPO Box 2471, Adelaide, SA 5001, AustraliaPhone: +61 8-8298 2698, Fax: +61-8-8302-0512E-mail: zeljka.sporer@unisa.edu.auAccommodationA number of hotels are located in the vicinity of the venue. Hotel Argentina sale@hoteli-argentina.hrHotel Bellevue sale@hotel-bellevue.hrHotel Excelsior hotel-excelsior@du.tel.htHotel Komodor hoteli-maestral@du.tel.hrHotel Lero hotel-lero@du.tel.hrHotel Petka hotel-petka@du.hinet.hrPlease make reservation directly to the hotel and indicate that you are to participate in IUC activities. Additional information is available from the www.croatia.hrRegistration There is no conference fee. The Centre for Innovation and Development, University of South Australia, will meet all Inter University Centre fees.Please fill out the attached application form and send it to one of the contact persons________________________________________________________________________Conference RegistrationPersonal Details: Prof/Dr/Mr/Ms Last Name First Name Institution/Company CountryPostal Address: City: Postal Code: Country: Telephone: Fax: Email Address