4 / Shakespeare and the East Mediterranian

2 – 7 October 2006   print this page

Conference organizers:

Stuart Sillars, University of Bergen, Norway

Rocco Coronato, University of Siena, Italy

Patricia Parker, Stanford University, United States

Conference description:

The links between Shakespeare and eastern Europe are complex and extensive. In the immediate context of this conference, Twelfth Night is set in Illyria (Ragusa), and the pirate Ragusine in Measure for Measure reflects both an origin in the area and a widespread attitude towards it, fostered by the association of Ragusa with both piracy and maritime commerce. Wider relations between Shakespeare and the actual and conceptualised East are also significant, and have recently come under scrutiny from a range of critical standpoints. Shakespeare and the Ottoman world and Shakespeare and Islam are among topics so featured. In addition, the translation, adaptation and production of the plays throughout eastern Europe are major forces of more recent and current Shakespeare activity, and the place of the plays in the construction of national identities continues to be a significant phenomenon.The aim of the conference will be to explore these and related topics, through short papers and workshop sessions. At the same time, it will seek to establish a group of scholars working in relations between the plays and their wider European frames, in planning future conferences, publications and methods of international exchange of ideas.