7 / Methodologies Of Systemic Theory - Empirical Research And Form Analysis

2 – 6 April 2007   print this page

Conference organizers:

Roar Hagen, UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Norway

Davor Rodin, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Barry Gibson, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

Gorm Harste, Aarhus University, Denmark

Michael King, Brunel University, United Kingdom

Conference description:

The conference builds on a network of sholars in systemic analysis, some of which have followed conferences on systemic analysies in Dubrovnik in the 1980ies.The system theory of Niklas Luhmann has a tremendous impact on social studies. Luhmanns Grand Theory got its final form with his principal work Die Gesellschaft der Gesellschaft 1 2 in 1997. Although Luhmanns general theory is very abstract, his way of analysing are used more and more in empirical studies. What is often seen as normal and natural objects are observed as improbable and new questions can be posed.The questions of the conference might be: Which forms do codes have if they are subject to semantic change, and how do codes get resistant forms? Analyses of semantics, of forms, of codes, of systems of differentiations, of structural couplings between different subsystems will be discussed. All kinds of matters from pedagogic, art and religion to law, politics and international conflicts are subjects for systemic studies. The conference will continue this ongoing work and gather an open-ended network of scholars who work with methodological clarifications as well as empirical studies. Call for papers will be made as soon as possibleMonday 2.4.: 9 13:Observing autopoiesis in war, politics and law9.00 9.15: Welcome: Information, announcements, program9.15 10.15: Klaus Dammann: (Bielefeld; klaus.dammann@uni-bielefeld.de): WAR of ANNIHILATION or WARFARE and ANNIHILATION in TIMES of WAR ? Researching a distinction in semantics and social structure10.30 11.30: Gorm Harste (Aarhus, gha@ps.au.dk) Military Revolutions, Organizational Revolutionsand other Revolutions How to observe the Emergence of Self-Reference in Systems11.45 12.45: Niels kerstrm (Copenhagen na.lpf@cbs.dk): Partnership as promises about promises16.30 18.30: Willis Santiago Guerra Filho (Rio de Janeiro/So Paulo [willisguerra@uol.com.br]): On new features of Law as an autopoietic social systemDavor Rodin (Zagreb; davor.rodin@zq.t-com.hr ): "Demokratie ohne Volksherrshaft -auf das Buch Die Politik der Gesellschaft.----------------------------------------------------- Tuesday 3.4.: 9 13:Observing moral communication: Chair: Tina Keiding9.00 10.00: Sverre Moe (Stavanger; sverre.moe@uis.no): Moral communication. Notes on the logic of political terror.10.30 11.30: Diana Laflamme (Montral ; ad.laflamme@sympatico.ca ) Moral coding and programming as evolutionary achievements 11.45 12.45: Anne Henkel (Witten/Herdecke; anna.a.henkel@web.de): The Form of the Drug 17.00 18.00:Ralf Rogowski (Warwick, R.Rogowski@warwick.ac.uk): How to theorise a 'new' social system in Luhmann's world society? Thoughts on industrial relations----------------------------------------------------Wednesday 4.4.: 9 - 13Information and medium: Chair: Barry Gibson [b.j.gibson@sheffield.ac.uk9.00 10.00: Bernd R. Hornung (Giessen and Marburg; hornung@med.uni-marburg.de): Luhmann and beyond - Information Theoretical and Sociocybernetic Challenges10.30. 11.30: Franz Kasper Krnig (Flensburg; info@franzkasper.com): "Metaphorical code-modulation. Towards a theory of sidecodes".11.45 12.45.Olga Boiko (Sheffiled: O.Boiko@sheffield.ac.uk.): Meaning and Form in Dental InteractionsAfternoon: excursions to the mountain (1 hours), to the island (3-5 hours, depending on weather)17.35 18.35: Bjrn Schiermer Andersen (Copenhagen.; bsa@sociology.ku.dk): Die Mode als Medium----------------------------------------------------- Thursday 5.4.: 9 - 13Observing community and ethnicity: (Chair: Sverre Moe)9.00 10.00: Jochen Kleinschmidt, (Mnchen, jkleinsch@gmail.com): The evolution of space as a political form10.30 11.30: Jan Inge Jnhill (rebro; jan.i.jonhill@sam.oru.se): Every One is also the Other On Cognitive and Normative Distinctions as to Ethnicity11.45 12.45: Heike Graf (Sdertrn Sweden; Heike.Graf@sh.se): Journalistische Produktion und ethnische Diversitt: Journalisten mit Migrationshintergrund in Schweden und Deutschland17.00 18:Morten Knudsen, (Copenhagen; mk.ioa@cbs.dk): Deparadoxization as Structural Coupling Between Organisations and Function Systems----------------------------------------------------Friday 6.4.: 9 - 13Observing communication (Chair: Niels kerstrm Andersen, Copenhagen, CBS, na.lpf@cbs.dk)9.00 10.00: Michael Paetau (Birlinghoven, michael.paetau@ais.fraunhofer.de) Niklas Luhmann and the Cybernetics10.30 11.30: Tina Keiding: (Aalborg) tbk@learning.aau.dk: "Simple, complex and hyper-complex understanding enhanced sensitivity in observation of information11.45 12.45: Werner Schirmer, (Gvle/Sweden; E-mail: Werner.Schirmer@hig.se); Dimitris Michailakis, (Gvle/Sweden, E-mail: mdi@hig.se): Communicative Priority. A comparison between medical communication and threat communication17.00 18: