11 – 15 June 2018        Send to printer

Course directors

Nenad Miščević, University of Maribor, Croatia
Friderik Klampfer, University of Maribor, Slovenia
Boran Berčić, University of Rijeka, Croatia
Justin D'Arms, Ohio State University, Columbus, United States
Eden Lin, Ohio State University, Columbus, United States

Course description:

We propose to organize a conference on the theme of value. We would request papers on different types of value (e.g., neutral, relative, prudential), on the relationships between them, and on the relationships between value and other things (e.g., reasons, emotions, rightness and wrongness). We would also welcome papers on other topics relating to value (e.g., whether goodness or betterness is more fundamental, whether betterness is transitive).

Other details