Social Philosophy

3 – 7 April 2018        Send to printer

Course directors

Joseph Bien, University of Missouri, Columbia, United States
Hauke Brunkhorst, University of Flensburg, Germany
Gerard Raulet, University of Paris - Sorbonne, France
David Rasmussen, Boston College, United States

Course description:

Democracy is in crisis. There is a multiple crisis in Europe: A series from financial-, currency-, sovereign debt-, refugee- to a veritable constitutional crisis. There is a global crisis of democracy because of the emergence of internal (right-wing popublism) and external aurthoritarian (Putinism/ Orbanism/ Erdoganism) but also constitutional alternatives of other forms of ‘democracy’ or a constitutional mix of authoritarianism and democracy (China, Iran). Moreover, global law and clobalconstitutionalism,m once a great hope for democracy, now turns out to become more and more a threat to democracy that is a new formation of constitutional technocracy (EU), or the emergence of civil law constitutionalism that marginalizes inter- and transnational public law constitutionalism.n One of the main resons might be structural incompatability of capitalism and democracy, that comes to the fore again once state-embedded markets are turned into market-embedded states as the main result of fioncialized globalization

Course lecturers

Dragica Vujadinović, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Hauke Brunkhorst, European university of Flensburg, Germany
David Rasmussen, Boston College, United States
Gerard Raulet, University of Paris - Sorbonne, France

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