29 / Future of Religion - 30th Anniversary
From War to Peace among the Civilizations

25 – 29 April 2006        Send to printer

Course directors

Rudolf J. Siebert, Western Michigan University, United States
Mislav Kukoč, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Denis R.Janz, Loyola University, New Orleans, United States
Gottfried Küenzlen, University of Bundeswehr München, Germany
Michael R.Ott, Grand Valley State University, Allendale, United States
Nikola Skledar, Institute for Social Research, Zagreb, Croatia

Course description:

Our course will start from the insight, that in the present transition from Modernity to Post-Modernity there will be no peace among the civilizations without peace among the world religions; and that there will be no peace among the religions without discourse among them; and that there will be no discourse among the religious without initial knowledge about there interpretation of reality and orientation of action. We shall confront the neo-liberal thesis, that the collission among the civilizations, based on religions is unavoidlable, with the humanistic thesis that such conflict can be prevented through international dialogue and trialogue and cooperation based on a global ethos rooted in the world-religions as well in seculed humanism; toward post-modern Future III. A reconciled society, rather thatn Future I- a totally adminisful society, or Future II - a world war among religiously motivated Civilizations.

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