32 / War Crimes,Genocide and Memory

12 – 18 May 2008        Send to printer

Course directors

Dan Bar-On, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
Peter Riedesser, University of Hamburg, Germany
Janja Beč Neumann, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Smail Cekic, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Nanci Adler, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Estella Carlotto, Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo, Argentina
Richard Goldstone, Retired Justice of the Constitutional Court of South Africa, South Africa
Zdravko Grebo, CIPS University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Rosallina Tuyuc, Coordinadora Nacional de Viudas de Guatemala, Guatemala
Aernout van Lynden, AVB,Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria , Bulgaria

Course description:

UNIVERSITY OF SARAJEVOINSTITUT FOR THE REASEARCH OF CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY AND INTERNATIONAL LAWCOURSE: WAR CRIMES, GENOCIDE AND MEMORIESwww.war-crimes-genocide-memories.orgwww.iuc.orgwww.warphotoltd.comCOURSE AUTHOR: Janja Bec-Neumann COURSE COORDINATORS: Velma Saric (Sarajevo) & Azra Smailkadic(NYC) FILM PROGRAM COORDINATOR: Natasa Govedarica(Belgrade) Dubrovnik, IUC & War Photo& Art Radionica LazaretiMay 11-18, 2008. "THE HOLOCAUST AND SOME OTHER GENOCIDE/S WADE GODDARD, (New Zealand), War Photo Director and Exhibitions CuratorWAR PHOTOGRAPHY AND MEMORYJANJA BEC- NEUMANN, (Germany), Course Author and Course Director"THE SHATTERING OF THE SOUL: STORY TELLING METHODOLOGY AND PRIVATE TRANSGENERATIONS MEMORIES; VICTIMS, PERPETRATORS AND BYSTANDERS ", STEVEN SAGE, (U.S.), US Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington D.C. "SEPHARDIM AND HOLOCAUST IN SEE"DALIBOR DAVIDOVIC, (Croatia), University of ZagrebTHE MEMORY OF MUSIC, MUHAMED MESIC, (Bosnia and Herzegovina), University of Vienna, Institute of Jewish StudiesA CENTURY OF PAIN: LESSONS IN GENOCIDE STUDIESSMAIL CEKIC, (Bosnia and Herzegovina), University of SarajevoREPORT OF REPUBLIKA SRPSKA COMMISSION FOR INVESTIGATION EVENTS IN AND AROUND SREBRENICA ON JULY 10-19, 2005HASAN NUHANOVIC (Bosnia and Herzegovina)UNDER THE UN FLAG: THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY AND THE SREBRENICA GENOCIDE ICMP / International Commission on Missing Persons, Office SarajevoFIGHTING FOR TRUTH AND JUSTICE: THE WORK OF FAMILY MEMBERS OF MISSINGTO BE CONFIRMEDDINKO GRUHONJIC, (Serbia), University of Novi SadSRDJAN ALEKSIC CASE AND MEMORIES IN TREBINJE AND SERBIA,XABIER AGIRRE, (Spain), ICC, The Hague"AFRICA, ICC AND GENOCIDE"MIRKO KLARIN (Holland), Senstribunal, The Hague "TRIUMPH OF EVIL: GENERAL KRSTIC CASE IN ICTY"FILM PROGRAMME 2008Author:Natasa Govedarica12/05 1. ARARAT (2002) fiction - EGOYAN, AtomA movie about personal histories bound by a common theme: the story of Armenia. 13/05 2. NIGHT AND FOG (1955) fiction - RESNAIS, AlainThe horrors of yesterday shown in black and white, through documents, films and photographs found in German, Polish and French archives. The return to peace, shot in color, shows what remains of Auschwitz.14/05 3. S21 THE KHMER ROUGE KILLING MACHINE, (2003)-documentary - PANH, RithyWith the possibility that those responsible for the Khmer Rouge genocide could be brought to trial, this film explores the memories of those who were victims of the regime. At the former torture centre in Phnom Penh, individuals who suffered are brought face to face with their former torturers in an attempt to allow words to vanquish terror. 15/05 4. SOMETIMES IN APRIL (2005) fiction Peck, Raoul A re-telling of the genocidal war of Hutu people against Tutsi people in Rwanda in 1994. Focuses on the experiences of two Hutu brothers who, in 2003, have to face up to the events of the past. One, a radio presenter who incited his audiences to violence, is in jail. The other, a former soldier who refused to commit murder, finally agrees to visit his brother in prison. 16/05 5. TRIUMPH OF EVIL (2001) documentary - Klarin, Mirko.Triumph of Evil documentary film produced by SENSE News Agency shows all stages of the SREBRENICA trial: from the Prosecutors Opening Statement to the Trial Chamber Judgment. It is the first, and so far the only, video-document about one complete trial before an international criminal tribunal after the Nuremberg and Tokyo trialsThe documentary includes the most dramatic testimonies by witnesses who survived execution and other victims of crimes committed in Srebrenica, as well as testimonies of the accused and defense witnesses. Important part of the documentary is dedicated to presentation of forensic evidence.see more: http://www.sense-agency.com/en/multimedia/index.php?mulkat=2 DARFUR NOW (2007) documentary - Ted BraunDocumentary that follows six people (Don Cheadle, Hejewa Adam, Pablo Recalde, Ahmed Mohammed Abakar, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, and Adam Sterlin) who have taken up the challenge to help stop the murder, rape and displacement the Fur, Zaghawa and Masalit people of Darfur have suffered since 2003. (British Film Institute Library Synopses)October 5-12, 2008.Key-SpeakersGREGORY STANTON, (U.S.), President of International Association of Genocide Scholars, Washington D.C."CAMBODIA AND SELFGENOCIDE" DANIEL FEIERSTEIN, (Argentina), Entro De Estudios Sobre Genocido, Buenos Aires "ARGENTINA AND GENOCIDE DURING JUNTA 1976-1982", HELEN MACK, (Guatemala)"GUATEMALA AND MAYA GENOCIDE 1964-1996", NANCY ADLER, (Holland), Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Amsterdam"GULAG SURVIVORS AND GENOCIDE

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