63 / World, Mind and Action

8 – 12 September 2008        Send to printer

Course directors

Miloš Arsenijević, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Timothy Williamson, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Gerald J. Massey, University of Pittsburgh, United States
Snježana Prijić Samaržija, University of Rijeka, Croatia

Course description:

The im of the course is the exchange of ideas in various philosophical areas: Ontology, Epistemology, Moral Philosophy and others between philosophers from western Europe and us and southeast Europe, Special attention will be put on President's papers that will be discused by senior philosophers.

Course lecturers

Boran Berčić, University of Rijeka, Croatia
Nenad Smokrović, University of Rijeka, Croatia
Milanko Govedarica, University of Arts, Belgrade, Serbia
Ivan Pavelić, University of Arts, Belgrade, Serbia
Tim Crane, University College London, United Kingdom
Kirk Ludwig, University of Florida, Gainesville, United States

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