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Course directors

Richard Hester, The Open University, UK, United Kingdom
Đuka Stakić, Penn State University, United States
Joe Yates, Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom

Course description:

2012 Symposium: Gender, Identity and Transgression

The symposium focuses on providing space to critically reflect on the extent to which theory and research have been employed by those in power to inform and legitimize policy and practice in the field of ‘youth justice’ or, more broadly, ‘children in conflict with the law’.

Particular attention will be paid to how ‘global’ knowledge can be mobilized to develop effective and humane responses to ‘children in trouble’ and how this can be developed and sustained in order to influence practice. Symposium participants will also pay attention to the all important consideration of ‘local’ transferability of practice models including the processes of interpretation and implementation.

An exploration of the intersections of identity, gender, class, ‘race’ and culture are all necessary prerequisites to any serious investigation into how young people may come into conflict with the law. Perhaps long overdue, this year’s Symposium will be devoted to the consideration of gender, social control and youth justice. In particular, it will seek to address the dominant discourses of femininities and masculinities in which young people’s offending and transgressive behaviour is constructed; the relationship of gender identities to social and crime control strategies; the adequacy of state responses to young people’s gendered experiences in relation to crime; and the principles and elements necessary to promote an engendered youth justice.

2012 Organising director:

Janet Jamieson

Liverpool John Moores University,

School of Humanities and Social Science,

68 Hope St,

Liverpool L1 9HW , UK

Phone: +44(0) 151 231 5080

E-mail: J.Jamieson@ljmu.ac.uk

A SOCIAL WORK INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL Dialogue in Praxis can be found here.

Course lecturers

Janet Jamieson, Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom
Richard Hester, The Open University, UK, United Kingdom
Davor Keglević, Family Support, Hamburg, Croatia
Steve Case, Loughborough University, United Kingdom

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