22 – 26 April 2013        Send to printer

Course directors

Božidar Kante, University of Maribor, Slovenia
Iris Vidmar, University of Rijeka, Croatia
Ana Gavran Miloš, University of Rijeka, Croatia
David Davies, McGill University, Canada
Jason Gaiger, The Ruskin School of Art, United Kingdom
Matthew Kieran, University of Leeds, United Kingdom

Course description:

The conference will bring together leading scholars in the philosophy of art and related disciplines such as art history and film studies to present and discuss central philosophical questions concering the arts. While the inagural meeting 2013 did not have specific themes, it is the director`s intention to do so in subsequent years, as has been the case in the very successful Philosophy of Science course, held in the preceding week, of which one of the directors of this course (David Davies) is also director

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