Doctor-patient Relationships in Prediction of Ageing

6 – 11 June 2005   print this page

Course directors:

Sanja Blazenković-Milaković, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Stanka Stojanovic-Spehar, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Cornelia Bobay, University of Budapest, Hungary
Marie-Anne Puel, University of Paris, France
Heather Suckling, University of London, United Kingdom

Course description:

Each primary family member is a reflection of his genetic determination, subjective and objective relations towards himself, and his close and extended family environments. The very awareness of aging, most frequently expressed by impairment of physical and mental functions, might cause severe mental and, later on, also physical changes. Good and bad relationships are built across the family genealogy partially directing and creating a life -style that would produce premature or delayet aging. Knowledge of intergenerational relationship patterns is an important factor in family practice for preventive aspect of healthy aging. This course will provide an opportunity to explore these ideas and demonstrate to participants how reflecting on their interactions with patients can help them to reach a deeper understanding of their patients and their needs. This will be of benefit to both patients and doctors.