25 / Balkan identity and its future within Europe

22 – 27 November 2002   print this page

Course directors:

Wendy Bracewell, Centre for the South-East European Studies, London, United Kingdom
Zagorka Golubović, Alternative Academic Educational Network, Belgrade, Serbia
George McLean, Center for Research of Philosophy and Values, United States

Course description:

A dialogue will be organized around the following issues: the place of the Balkans within Europe and its specific identity; what are the images and stereotypes of the Balkans; the processes in the Balkan countries of transition; the Ottoman and Oriental legasy of the Balkans; inter-ethic relations and conflicts in the Balkans; the phenomenon of ''periferial capitalisam''; ''Balkanization'' and ''Westernization'', Balkan Politics and international relations; the future of multiculturalism in the Balkans.

Course lecturers:

Nenad Miščević, University of Maribor, Croatia
Ivo Banac, Yale University, United States
Stasa Babic, University of Arts, Belgrade, Serbia
Slobodan Naumovic, University of Arts, Belgrade, Serbia
Robert Hayes, University of Southern California, United States
Constantin Jordahi, Romania
Penelope Papailias, Greece
Vukmir Vlasic, Tulane University, United States
Susan Woodwarth, The Brookings Institute, United States