28 / Social philosophy:
Changing perspectives in political philosophy II

7 – 11 April 2003   print this page

Course directors:

Joseph Bien, University of Missouri, Columbia, United States
Hauke Brunkhorst, University of Flensburg, Germany
Heinz Paetzold, University of Kassel, Germany
Gerard Raulet, University of Paris - Sorbonne, France

Course description:

This year's course will concentrate on sovereignty and hegemony. Several Eastern European countries have achieved their sovereignty during the past decade, whereas in Western countries sovereignty is under pressure. Some argue that sovereignty and hegemony are really the same. Others identify sovereignty with people's self determination. The question that has to be posed is: Which sovereignty is at stake? Sovereignty of the people, of the state or of capital? The course will revisit the whole historical dimensions of these notions from Hobbes through Locke to Rousseau and further. Special attention will be given to current developments.