22 / Erich Saling World School of Perinatal Medicine

16 – 21 November 2007   print this page

Course directors:

Jose Maria Carrera, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain
Frank Chervenak, Cornell University, United States
Manuel Carrapato, N/A
Asim Kurjak, KBC Sveti Duh, Zagreb, Croatia

Course description:

Board of Directors of World Association of Perinatal Medicine decided at their meeting in Prague in November 2006 to establish under their auspices a new school of perinatal medicine. School is named after its spiritual father, Prof. Erich Saling. It is predicted that school will be well attended and organized on annual basis. School is selfinanced. We kindly ask Board of Directors to accept new School which we hope will be as successful as 25 years old Inter-University School of Ultrasound in Medicine "Ian Donald" with headquarters in Dubrovnik and with 32 international branches. This is generally accepted as a success story in globalized medicine.Asim Kurjak, President of Educational Committee of WAPMFrank A. Chervenak, President Elect of WAPM Programme on: www.wspm-croatia.org

Course lecturers:

Frank A. Chervenak, N/A
Aris Antsaklis, N/A
Manuel Carrapato, N/A
Malcolm Levene, N/A
Jose M. Carrera, N/A
Zoltan Papp, N/A