29 / Divided Societies XI
Divided Societies in SEE and the Balkans, 1998-2008: Transitions and Governance

21 – 26 April 2008   print this page

Course directors:

Silva Mežnarić, University of Split, Croatia
Kevin Deegan Krause, Wayne State University, United States
Laura Sakaja, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Alan Uzelac, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Indraneel Sircar, University of Essex, United Kingdom
Mitja Žagar, Institute for Ethnic Studies, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Course description:

The course will address major topics that have been repeatedly raised during the last decade of transition(s) in South Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Priority will be given to comparative analysis of competencies and politics in the region; to actors, elites, opinion makers, regional networking and reaching out in finding areas of dialogues; to the structure and means of supporting cooperation among different groups and interests; to post-conflict integration processes, identity articulation and comprehension of the other;to new divisions and flaws; to instances and institutions that strive to enhance competencies and governance and to those that, on the contrary, are weakening societal structure and institution building processes (corruption). The format of the working week: five workshops and two panels. Workshops will try to articulate problems and solutions in building polities after conflicts. They will compare experiences in building communities, states and civic institution; panels will discuss the relevance of European integration politics for divisions and dialogues among (still) divided regions and states; how relevant is home grown politics of integration (BiH, for instance) for dialogues among conflicting parties?Key speakers and lecturers: Alan Uzelac, Vesna Pusic, Nebojsa Savija-Valha, Dusan Spasojevic, Nemanja Dzuverovic, Kjell Skyllstad, Mitja Zagar, Jens Voelk, Simona Zavratnik, Herbert Preiss, Ivan Landripet, Snjezana Gregurovic, Simona Mameli, Norman Wacker, Mihajlo Delic.Organizers of the Workshops (1-5): Silva Meznaric, Dusan Spasojevic, Mitja Zagar, Alan Uzelac, Simona Zavratnik.10 April, 2008 DIVIDED SOCIETIES IN SEE AND THE BALKANS, 1998-2008: Transitions and GovernanceProgramme, 21 to 25 April 2008Monday, 21.04. 9.00 - 9.30 Registration: IUC Administration Building, Bulićeva 4 9.30 10.00 Morning coffee and wellcome, Room 410.00 - 13.00 Transition(s) and Governance: Comparative Institution BuildingKey speakers: Vesna Pusic, Alan Uzelac University of Zagreb15.00-18.00 Workshop 1Pragmatic Identities and Governance in BiHKey speaker: Nebojsa Savija - Valha, SarajevoInstitutum Studiorum Humanitatis ISH, LjubljanaTuesday, 13.00 Workshop 2Social Divisions and Consolidation of Democracy in Serbia, 1998-2008.Dusan Spasojevic, FPN, University of BelgradeandRegional Context of Dis-integration: Political vs. Economic Cooperation.Nemanja Dzuverovic, FPN, University of Belgrade15.00 - 18.00Workshop 2 follow upThe Balkans: Post-Conflict or/and New Conflicts? Panel. Participants from: Albania, Austria, BiH, Croatia, Italy, Norway, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland, USA.Wednesday, 23.04. 9.30 13.00 Workshop 3 Integration day: Diversity management and IntegrationKey speaker: Mitja Zagar, INV and University of LjubljanaSpeakers: Romana Bester, INV, LjubljanaJens Voelk, University of TrentoSimona Mameli, University of Bern, Switzerland15.00 18.00Workshop 3 follow upMihajlo Delic, Novi Sad and University of Notre DameIvan Landripet, University of ZagrebKjell Skyllstad, University of Oslo Thursday, 13.00 Workshop 4Transitional Justice and JurisprudenceKey speaker: Alan Uzelac, Faculty of Law, University of ZagrebSpeakers: Herbert Preiss, University of Vienna, School ofGovernanceSladjana Aras, Faculty of Law, University of ZagrebPM - FREEFriday, 25.04. 10.00 - 13.00 Workshop 5Ethnic Dialogues and Pragmatic PoliticsKey speakers: Norman Wacker, Washington University, SeattleSimona Zavratnik, Ljubljana University Speakers: Snjezana Gregurovic, IMIN, ZagrebSilva Meznaric, IMIN, Zagreb16.00 18.00 Evaluation Session; Agenda 2009.Saturday, 26.04. Departures. Contacts: IUC administration iuc@iuc.hrOrganizing Directorsilva.meznaric@zg.t-com.hrRegistration deadline: 31 March 2008.Number of participants (by 10 April): 36Documents for downloadContemporary immigration and asylum policies in Slovenia: Retninking questions of entrance and integration (PDF)REFORMING MEDITERRANEAN CIVIL PROCEDURE: IS THERE A NEED FOR A SHOCK THERAPY?Turning civil procedure upside down: From Judges Law to Users LawDivided Societies in SEE and the Balkans, 1998-2008: Transitions and GovernanceA prospectus related to the establishment and development of a sports/ peace education programCOMMUNITIES NOT IMAGINED: PRAGMATIC (ethnic) IDENTITIES IN BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINASocial Cleavages and Consolidation of Democracy in Serbia, 1998-2008.DIVIDED SOCIETIES IN SEE AND THE BALKANS, 1998-2008: Transitions and Governance - ProgrammeKosovo Revised and Broadcast Yugoslavia: Imagined Communities of InclusionDEVELOPMENT OF FAMILY LAW IN CROATIA IS TRANSITION COMPLETED?Herbert Preiss: Perspective of Justice and Governance