22 – 28 June 2009   print this page

Course directors:

Lee Kendall Metcalf, Florida State University, United States
Radovan Vukadinović, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Anton Grizold, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Course description:

The Soulh East Europe sti1l represents the most turbulent part of the Old Continent. Even though classic military threats to security and stability have decreased after the war and large-scale military conflicts had finished. still this margina1 part of Europe forms a fertilc ground for various so-called soft-security th.reats. Countries of South East Europe and especially the group of countrics belonging to Western Balkan.s. rea1ize more that improvement in their biIateral relations as well as establishment of traditional functional ties, for which nowadays far better conditions exist than for rapid achievement of high standards and rules of conduct as set by the EU and NATO, foun a condition of theirsurviva1 and future comprehcnsive development, not only in the area of South eastern Europe, but in wider tenns as well. This topic is crucial in times when Kosovo status is getting resolved and is poses new security challenges to the region of SEE.

Course lecturers:

Stanislav Tkachenko, Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia
Lidija Čehulić, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Besfort Rrecaj, University of Prishtina, Kosovo
Dragan Vukčević, University of Podgorica, Montenegro
Sonja Bjeletić, Faculty of European and Government Studies, Slovenia
Zaneta Ozolina, University of Riga, Latvia