TOWARD COMPREHENSIVE TREATMENT OF PSYCHOTIC DISORDERS - Individualized Treatment for Psychosis: What works for whom?

16 – 19 May 2012   print this page

Course directors:

Ivan Urlić, University of Split, Croatia
Slađana Štrkalj Ivezić, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Miro Jakovljević, University Hospital Centre, Zagreb, Croatia
Branka Restek Petrović, Psychiatric Hospital "Sveti Ivan", Croatia
Marjeta Blinc Pesek, Psychiatric Clinic Rudnik, Slovenia

Course description:

Focus on: Individualized treatment for psychosis: What works for whom?

After 100 years that the expression of "schizophrenia" has been coined the knowledge and treatments has been developed that we can use in treating people suffering from psychosis. In order to choose the most efficient approaches in treating the person with psychosis what is needed is the indicidualised approach. The aim of this School is to get acquainted with modern treatments (evidence based) from psychotherapy, psychosocial interventions and biological therapies that are recommended in treatments of people with psychosis. This will be explained during the School activity in two parts. The first part will be theoretical, and the second will be based on experiences from clinical practice. The results based on the individualised approach will be explained through clinical examples.

Registration fee:

€130 (1000 KN) – members ISPS Croatia

€160 (1200 kn) – non-members ISPS Croatia

Should be paid on site or to:

Hrvatski liječnički zbor

Hrvatsko društvo za kliničku psihijatriju, SPTP

OIB: 60192951611

Šubićeva 9, Zagreb

Account: 2360000-1101214818

Account number/Poziv na broj 268-204

For participants of the School the fee includeds registration for the whole programme.

Participants from abroad should pay on site or to:

Zagrebačka banka, Savska 60,

10 000 Zagreb, Hrvatska

Account number: 2100060384


IBAN: HR7423600001101214818

Croatian Medical Chamber will endorse participation at the School.

Venue: Dubrovnik, IUC, Don Frana Bulića 4

Information and application:

Prof. dr. sc. Slađana Ivezić

The University Hospital Vrapče

Bolnička cesta 32

HR-10090 Zagreb

Phone: +385-1-3713-265

Fax: +385-1-3713-271

E-mail: sladjana.ivezic@bolnica-vrapce.hr

or: ivan.urlic2@gmail.com

Course lecturers:

Ivan Urlić, University of Split, Croatia
Slađana Štrkalj Ivezić, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Mark Agius, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Majda Grah, Psychiatric Hospital "Sveti Ivan", Croatia
Branka Restek Petrović, Psychiatric Hospital "Sveti Ivan", Croatia
Zoja Pisk, Institute of Group Analysis, Croatia
Vanda Filipac, University of Tasmania, Australia
Nada Perovšek Šolinc, Psychiatric Clinic Rudnik, Slovenia
Anamarija Bogović, Psychiatric Hospital "Sveti Ivan", Croatia
Nataša Orešković - Krezler, Private Practice, Croatia
David John Smith, University of New South Wales, Australia
Kaja Medved, Psychiatric Clinic Rudnik, Slovenia
David Kennard, United Kingdom
Janja Mihoci, Community Housing and Therapy, United Kingdom
Liljana Milivojević, Serbia
Miro Jakovljević, University Hospital Centre, Zagreb, Croatia

Work Schedule:

Wednesday, 16. 05. 2012.

18.30 New initiatives for development of the community services in the Republic of Croatia (in Croatian)

Thursday, 17. 05. 2012.

08.30 – 09.30 Registration

09.30 – 09.45 Welcome

09.45 – 10.45 S. Ivezić, I. Urlić: What works for whom? Psychotherapy or sociotherapy for the patient with psychoses?

10.45 – 11.30 B. Restek-Petrović: Program for the first episode psychotic patients: Six years of experience

11.30 – 12.00 Coffee break

12.00 – 12.45 D.J. Smith: Controversies in the management of prodromal and early psychosis

12.45 – 13.30 M. Blinc–Pesek: Family and professional team – How to cooperate to help the patient with psychosis?

17.00 – 18.30 N. Orešković Krezler i M. Grah: Case presentations in small groups

18.30 – 19.30 Annual meeting of Section for psychotherapy and psychosocial treatment of psychoses – ISPS Croatia

Friday, 18. 05. 2012.

09.00 – 10.30 D. Kennard: On therapeutic community

10.30 – 11.30 D. Kennard: Therapeutic community in different settings

11.30 – 12.00 Coffee break

12.00 – 12.45 J. Mihoci: A Therapeutic Community Treatment Programme for Psychosis

12.45 – 13.30 V. Filipac: Biopsychosocial approach in practice in regional psychiatric service in Australia

17.00 – 18.30 N. Perovšek Šolinc, K. Medved: Lies or psychosis? Z. Pisk: Treatment of patient with psychoses in TC (Case presentations in small groups)

20.30 Dinner

Saturday, 19. 05. 2012.

09.00 – 09.45 M. Jakovljević: The meanings of concepts of placebo and nocebo in individualized pharmacological approach

09.45 – 10.30 M. Jakovljević: The creative psycho-pharmacotherapy: What is new in this approach?

10.30 – 11.15 M. Agius: What Psychotherapy works for whom in a Community Mental Health Team in the UK?

11.15 – 12.45 Z. Pisk: Therapeutic community experience group

12.45 Comments and closing