Natural Gas Supply North - South Gas Corridor and Organisation of Natural Gas Market

9 – 13 June 2014   print this page

Course directors:

Igor Dekanić, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Daria Karasalihović Sedlar, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Zaki Bassiouni, Louisiana State University, United States

Course description:

The task of the cousre is to explore and to give the comprehensive knowledge of new technologies in exploration, production and processing of nonconventional oil and gas reserves and resources, including the new technologies and future technology development. The emphasis would be on a transpher of experiences in exploration and exploitation of nonconventional hydrocarbouns in USA to nonconventional hydrocarbouns in Europe. The lestures includes follow up discussion. Within the workshop an interactive case study would be performed as well.

The natuarl gas market issues including natural gas supply, the European North – South Gas Corridor, the regulating and operating role, organisational issues and management of the natural gas market, will be the topics of the short course.

Course lecturers:

Igor Dekanić, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Damir Zadravec, Qatar Petroleum, Croatia
Branimir Cvetković, Bayerngas Norge AS, Norway
Arash Dahi Teleghani, Louisiana State University, United States
Andrej Kričković, Higher school of Economics, Moscow, Russia