Workshop 39: Exploitation in Mature Oil Fields (EOR and other methods) wtih Short Course: Energy Cliff Concept and Future Production of Hydrocarbons

8 – 12 June 2015   print this page

Course directors:

Igor Dekanić, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Thomas Davis, Colorado School of Mines, United States
Péter Kubus, MOL Group, Budapest, Hungary

Course description:

Petroleum Engineering Summer School (PESS) has been operating within the academic program for advanced studies of the Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik (IUC) for more than twenty five years. The interactive seminars are organized by the Executive Directors of the PESS, professors from the Petroleum Engineering Department of the Faculty of Mining, Geology & Petroleum Engineering (www.rgn.hr), University of Zagreb, and co-directors, distinguished professors from Croatian universities and abroad and professionals.

Course lecturers:

Daria Karasalihović Sedlar, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Zdenko Krištafor, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Borivoje Pašić, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Davorin Matanovic, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Domagoj Vulin, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Pavel Sergeevich Shcherban, Kant Baltic Federal University, Russia
Shahin Kord, University of Leoben, Austria
Mohammad Sedaghat, University of Leoben, Iran
Lidia Hrnčević, Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Tomislav Malvić, INA d.d., Croatia
Herbert Hofstatter, University of Leoben, Austria
Krešo Šimić, Croatia
Laslo Farkaš Višontai, Croatia