IUC Association

IUC Association provides a legal basis for the functioning of the Centre, for the personnel, premises, equipment and required funding. It was registered in November 1994 by a group of long-lasting friends in order to provide the continuity of the institution in the new legal settings of the Republic of Croatia. Today, the IUC Association is functioning under the Charter adopted on February 13 2015 as an NGO with international membership.

The goal of the IUC-Association is to secure conditions and implement the programmes of Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik (IUC), as laid down in the Charter of Foundation of 1971, in order to promote educational and research cooperation among national and foreign universities, scientific and cultural institutions, primarily through the organization of graduate, post-graduate and doctoral study programmes, courses, workshops, conferences and research projects. For that purpose, the IUC-Association provides staff, premises, equipment and funding required for the achievements of the goals of the IUC.

In order to attain the goals of this Charter, the IUC-Association will:

  • Design, identify and implement activities in accordance with the goals
  • Engage in appropriate actions such as the provision of funding, equipment, staff, premises for the implementation of the specific programmes of the Inter-University Dubrovnik
  • Develop and promote Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik as an institution of international significance and scope.
  • The IUC Association is chaired by President of the Association. The President of the IUC Association is Prof. Krunoslav Pisk. The members of the IUC Association can be found on this list.

    On the meeting of the IUC Association Assembly held in Zagreb and through internet between 23 February and 9 March 2018 the following documents were accepted: Report on operation in 2017, Financial report for 2017, Final financial report for 2016, Budget Proposal for 2018, Academic programme for 2018. Draft minutes from the meeting.