25 June 2010

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From 07 to 12 June the annual IUC Math/Chem/Comp course and conference celebrated its 25th anniversary. The programme was dedicated to Professors Mircea Diudeai and Dragutin Svrtan, world known scientists working in the field of graphs' theories.

This year one of the lecturers was also the winner of the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1996, Professor Harold Kroto whose lecture was "The Fullerenes - Where the Sciences and Arts Meet to Mutual Advantage".

Professor Kroto also gave few interviews on the position of education in contemporary society and his engagement in the Geoset programme which is a global education initiative which should use the Internet to solve current educational problems. The emphasis is to capture the best teachers' methods of teaching in the subjects about which they are both passionate and expert. Those methods could than be used by other teachers in the same fields.

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