5 July 2011

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In a ceremony in the Presidential Palace in Zagreb on 01 July, the President of the Republic of Croatia, Prof. Ivo Josipović, awarded Ms. Berta Dragičević, The General Secretary of the Inter-University Centre the Order of the Croatian Star with the Effigy of Antun Radić for her merits in the affirmation and development of the Inter-University Centre in Dubrovnik.

Ms. Berta Dragičević actively worked in the creation of the IUC and through more than 35 years of dedicated work largely contributed to the development of the Centre. Through organisation of its’ international academic programmes, communication with representatives of member universities, different foundation functionaries, course directors and lecturers, she promoted the internationalisation of higher education.

During the war period she was especially engaged in informing the international academic community about aggression upon Dubrovnik which contributed to the strong condemnation of those attacks and later, in the peaceful period helped to bring about support for rebuilding of war damages and continuation of IUC programmes.

Together with Prof. Ørjar Øyen she published two books: “Beyond Frontiers” and “Fragments of Memories of Life and Work at IUC”. Ms. Berta Dragičević is Honorary Member of the IUC.

The ceremony was held on the occasion of the Croatian National holiday and 20 meritorious artists, scientist, humanitarians and citizens received different awards. The President stressed that the work of all of those who are awarded is done quietly, persistently and often without media attention, but their work is most valuable for establishment of improved society.

The ceremony was also attended by Prof. Krunoslav Pisk, Director General of the IUC, Mladen and Mako Dragičević, sons of Ms. Berta and Ms. Nada Bruer Ljubišić.


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