23 August 2003
Kathleen Vaugham Wilkes, distinguished philosopher and long-time friend and supporter of the IUC, died in Oxford on Thursday 21 August 2003. At St. Hildas College, Oxford University, she taught philosophy of science, especially brain and behavioural sciences, ancient philosophy, philosophy of mind, philosophy of religion.At the IUC, she played a key role in many of the centres academic programmes and especially in the course Philosophy of Science, held every year since its initiation. This course has been one of the most prominent in the IUC course series. With her distinguished colleagues from many parts of the world, she has been looking forward to the 30th anniversary of this core programme of the IUC. Kathy Wilkes played an outstanding role in promoting the general operation of the IUC. She served as a very active and innovative Chair of its Executive Committee in the period 1988-96, and she was always at hand to give advice and to make use of her rich network of contacts with prominent scholars and sources of financing to keep the IUC going.Kathy was present in Dubrovnik at the time when the brutal attack upon city began in 1991. She stayed on with her brave friends, the people of Dubrovnik, and shared the ordeals with them except for brief expeditions abroad, under extremely difficult circumstances, mainly to seek help and assistance, medical resources and even mine removal equipment. She dispatched to the world a number of reports from Dubrovnik. One of her many accounts, Dubrovnik: Lead upon Gold, was published in Oxford Magazine in 1992.In 1993, in recognition of her work, Kathy Wilkes was made honorary citizen of the city of Dubrovnik, and in 2001 the University of Zagreb awarded her the honorary doctoral degree.

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