17 April 2015

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Ivan Supek

( 8 April 2015 – 5 March 2007)

On 14 April, within the course Philosophy of Science, Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik has evoked memories of its initiator and one of its founders, prof. Ivan Supek.

Prof. Ivan Supek has been an important personality in the Croatian science and society in general, but also a very distinguished figure in the world academic society. Advocating the inter-university cooperation in postgraduate and research programmes, Prof. Supek initiated Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik. As a Rector of University of Zagreb, he secured the functioning of this independent international institution for advanced studies through the logistical support of University of Zagreb. Having an interest in close ties of humanities and natural sciences he also initiated and was one of the first course directors of the IUC course on Philosophy of Science, a programme which has been a part of the IUC offerings for already 42 years. This is the reason why the commemoration of Supek’s birth took place within Philosophy of Science programme.

Ivan Supek was a man of vide views. He founded the Institute “Ruđer Bošković”, the strongest Croatian institute for natural sciences.

As a humanist he founded and presided the world organisation “World without a bomb”.

He was a Rector of University of Zagreb from 1968 to 1972.

He was a President of the Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences from 1991 to 1997.

Professor Ivan Supek also played an important role after the attack on Dubrovnik in 1991 when he organized a group of academicians and sailed to the besieged city showing their support. In the besieged city he organized a conference on "Revitalization of Dubrovnik " and launched an appeal for the revival and continuation of the IUC work in Dubrovnik. For his merits he received in 1998. an honorary citizenship of Dubrovnik.

In this centenary meeting spoke:

1. Prof. Krunoslav Pisk, Director General of the IUC, former director of the Institute Ruđer Bošković

2. Ms. Berta Dragičević, General Secretary of the IUC, a close associate to Prof. Supek from the founding days and a Head of the IUC office for decades ahead

3. Prof. Paul Weingarten, University of Salzburg, a co-director with prof. Supek of one of the first courses of Philosophy of Science in 1976.

4. A written contribution of Prof. Zdravko Radman, a former assistant to Prof. Supek and a student in the first generation of Philosophy of Science in 1974 was read.


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