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In his introductory speech the President gave a highly positive assessment of the role played by the IUC in furthering international scholarly cooperation and network building, drawing on the rich intellectual and cultural environment of Dubrovnik.

The President acknowledged the potential of the IUC in furthering scholarly objectives of Croatia within the wider context of the region and the international community generally.

Dr Peter-Fischer-Appelt, (University of Hamburg, former Chair of IUC Council), reviewed the history and multifaceted mission of the IUC, Miss Nada Bruer (IUC) offered a graphic presentation of the structure and function of the centre.

Also representing the IUC at the meeting: Dr Krunoslav Pisk (Director General), Mrs Berta Dragicevic (Executive Secretary), Dr Istvan Teplan (Central European University, Budapest, Chair of IUC Council), Professor Ivo Slaus (Deputy Director General), Professor Gvozden Flego (Member of Executive Committee), and Professor Ørjar Øyen (University of Bergen, former Chair of Council and former Director General).

The Rector of the University of Zagreb, Professor Aleksa Bjelis, also participated in the event.

Questions and comments from the ambassadors gave reason to believe that there is much interest in the work of the IUC, and several participants raised questions about establishing further links between the IUC and universities in the countries they represented.

See pictures from the event.

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