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Krunoslav Pisk reappointed and confirmed as Director General.

Frank Laubert is new chair of IUC Council

Kirsten Weber is new chair of IUC's Executive Committee


IUC Council, meeting in Dubrovnik on 29 September 2007, elected Mr. Frank Laubert as Chair of IUC Council. Mr. Laubert, 64, a lawyer, is a university administrator at the University of Hamburg. He has worked extensively with international programmes and is head of his university's Department for Research Management and Funding. For more than 20 years Mr. Laubert has had close associations with the IUC.


As chair of IUC Council, Laubert succeeds István Teplán, formerly of Central European University, Budapest.


Council elected Academician Ivo Šlaus, Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, as Vice Chair of IUC Council. Šlaus succeeds Kåre Rommetveit, University of Bergen.


IUC Council reelected Dr. Krunoslav Pisk, Ruđer Bosković Institute, Zagreb, to serve as Director General of the IUC.


Professor Peter Kampits, Dean, Faculty of Philosophy and Educational Sciences, University of Vienna, was elected as Deputy Director General.


As new members of the Executive Committee, Council elected Gunn Elisabeth Birkelund (Professor of Sociology, University of Oslo), James McAllister (Professor of Philosophy, University of Leiden), Lee Kendall Metcalf (Professor of Political Science, Florida State University), Ivan Šimonović (Professor of Law, University of Zagreb), and Kirsten Weber (Professor of Educational Research, University of Roskilde). Professors Gvozden Flego (University of Zagreb) and Hans-Joachim Seitz (University of Hamburg) were reelected as members of the Executive Committee.


The Executive Committee elected Kirsten Weber as Chair. Weber succeeds Professor Lise Kjølsrød (University of Oslo) as the committee’s chair.


Ms. Mary Helle, University of Bergen, was reappointed as auditor.


The Executive Committee appointed Ms. Berta Dragičević as General Secretary of the IUC and Ms. Nada Bruer as Executive Secretary.

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