6 September 2010   print this page
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On 04th September Croatian President, Prof. Ivo Josipović visited the Inter-University Centre where he met with the members of the IUC governing bodies and with few IUC course directors. The theme of the conversation were activities and the current position of the IUC in the Croatian and international academic community. Special emphasis was given to the importance of this international institution which through its 70 – 80 programmes a year brings together more than 1800 participants from all parts of the world. President Josipović also mentioned his engagement in the work of the IUC, first as a student, but later as a lecturer and course director in the courses of Victimology and International Criminal Law.

President expressed his support to the activities of the IUC and announced that part of his educational policy will be promoting the Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik on the regional and international level. He also announced that during his future visit to the UN in New York he will talk with representatives of academic life but also sponsors of academic activities and explore possibilities to help the work at the IUC.

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